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Mon, Sep 12, 2011

Sexy Brandi Passante Pictures

     This young gal had some troubles in the past stripping at local clubs but seems to have a grip on reality now.  Brandi Passante has her own fanclub on Blog Certified and looks like the hot sultry Storage Wars celebrity might be looking at Playboy to pose for pictures.  She is definately one of the sexiest people on reality television.  Just a natural smile and a girl next door look about her.  How many reality shows have a concept like this?  Finally a breath of fresh air for people that were already in this industry that is bringing more light to.  Her on air husband Jarrod Schulz is actually her husband in real life.  They met at a stripper club where Jarrd was a bouncer and Brandi was a dancer. The two make a good couple and she is the financial decision maker behind this twosome.  She's had some runins with the law but for the most part she's living a clean lifestyle now.  Really she has no choice the show is the top rated show on cable right now.  Wednesday nights is when millions of people tune in to see one of the better reality shows. 

     Barry Weiss is one of the characters of the show.  His line of work was in the produce industry and the creator of the show is a good friend of Barry and asked him if he'd like to be a part of the series.  He's never been in the storage lockers business before but Barry is somewhat of a collector.  He has a great sense of humor and does'nt lack one liners.  He really enjoys himself and you can tell by his demeanor.  His cool disposition with the skull gloves and his gonad busting ability is cool.  Facebook has a page dedicated to him and the women love the way he presents himself.  Barry Weiss is one of the Storage Wars hit stars.  His friends are some of the wierdest people you will ever see.  He has'nt really found anything really worth a lot of money yet but in due time.  Barry Weiss has a small car collection with some wild cadillacs made into pick up trucks.

     Darrell Sheets the gambler is just that.  He makes his money in the flea market world.  Buying storage lockers for cheap and reselling the garbage on the weekend is what he enjoys.  He also has a large facebook page that people visit regularly.  His imput on Blog Certified as well as all the characters is being noticed by many people.  Darrell has his son involved but does'nt want him to get to in depth yet and have the others take advantage of him.  Darrell hates Dave Hester and jarrod and this is not show.  He despises both of these nitwits in real life.  He's found some big ticket items the wow factor he calls it.  Probably the smartest of the bunch Darrell does'nt go after just anything.  He picks and chooses and does relatively well.

     Dave Hester is the head of this group making it a lifestyle choice years ago when he was busted and had to do community service at a local salvation army.  He saw how many people were buying these thrift items and started a store.  Now he owns a auction house that is doing well.  People are selling and buying items that Dave brings in courtesy of some of the lockers he's bought. He has a knack for pissing people off but he likes it.  Dave Hester has the money to back himself up and uses it to his advantage.  His uncanny knowledge of what might be in the locker is from past experience.  He's really the same guy you meet in person that you see on the show.  Dave loves life and came from nothing.  He's built up a mini empire that anyone on the show would be proud of.

     Jarrod Schulz is the young gun on the show.  Jarrod has a beautiful wife that anyone would be proud of.  He is jealous of how others can use their money to outbid him but now that the show is doing better he has a few more bucks to spend.  A wiseguy that many can't stand Jarrod still stays on the straight and narrow and is doing better with his fans.  He does bring a cockyness to the show but with all these characters in one place that's what's making Storage Wars what it is a huge success.  Though his temperment gets in the way of his successes we think this show will last a long time on A&E.


Author : Doug Muraski
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